Air intake control - automated

Automatická regulace přívodu vzduchu - LCD DisplayThe automated control unit controls the heating circuit in which the Aquaflam combustion appliance is located. The combustion process is controlled automatically using an air inlet damper, which works together with the control unit. The created heat is transfered to a hot utility water tank, a therman storage tank and the central heating system. The regulation uses three sensors and can also control three pumps. Thanks to a graphical display you have current information about individual sensor temperatures, whether pumps are running or information about other heat sources. Thanks to this control unit you will save a lot of time otherwise spent regulating the insert, increase your level of safety and reduce fuel consumption.

  • simple user interface
  • graphical display of sensors, pumps and temperatures in the entire heating system
  • easy installation and connection
  • option to activate / deactivate other heat sources (elektric / gas boiler, etc.)
  • option to adjust the settings of individual values according to a detailed manual
  • universal appearance
  • control up to three pumps + three temperature sensors
  • summer / winter heating modes

Main benefits of automated control

  • regulates the combustion process
  • controls the entire heating system
  • delivers a substantial saving in fuel consumption
  • graphically displays sensor temperatures, status of pumps and dampers
  • informs about overheating of the heating system, closes the damper and emits a warning sound
  • increases your safety
  • extends the lifetime of the combustion chamber
  • no need to install a damper (regulation is included with the fireplace insert)
  • several languages available




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Why choose AQUAFLAM?

Our fireplace inserts and wood stoves come with many safety features.

You select the control type - manual, basic, automated.

Only the highest quality materials and technologies are used.

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