Zapojení AquaflamA professional installation is very important for the correct operation of the heating appliance as well as for ensuring a long lifetime. The heating system must be equipped with the prescribed elements that will ensure safe operation. The heating system should be separated into a short and a long heating circuit so that the lifetime of the exchanger is not unnecessarily shortened. If the water temperature of the water in the system is too low it will lead to corrosion and shorten the lifetime of the equipment. It is also necessary to protect the entire system against overheating. The basic versions of all Aquaflam insert and stove models have this safety feature. It consists of a cooling loop, which by means of a thermostatic valve cools the water in the heat exchanger. To ensure the continuous operation of the pump, we recommend that it is installed together with a backup power supply (UPS). Aquaflam's automatic controls precisely control the pumps, bivalent energy sources, temperature measurement in the exchanger and in the thermal storage tanks. This improves the ease of operation and ensures the perfect operation of the fireplace insert or stove.

Bird's-eye view of a family home

Bird's-eye view of a family home

Technical room layout

Technical room layout
1 Communication cable (for automatic regulation) 10 Drain outlet for safety valve
2 Cold heating water to the insert (return) 11 Filter box
3 Warm heating water from the insert 12 Inspection valve
4 Ball valve 13 Expansion vessel
5 Pump (recommended with a backup power source) 14 Thermal Storage tank (for heating and utility water)
6 Thermostatic three-way valve 15 Supply of drinking water from water mains
7 Backflow valve 16 Warm utility water (sink)
8 Safety valve 17 Warm heating water (radiators)
9 Bivalent heat source (electric boiler, gas boiler) 18 Cold heating water (return from radiators)

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Why choose AQUAFLAM?

Our fireplace inserts and wood stoves come with many safety features.

You select the control type - manual, basic, automated.

Only the highest quality materials and technologies are used.

Made in Broumov, Czech Republic

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