Wood boiler stoves Aquaflam

Wood boiler stoves Aquaflam

AQUAFLAM wood boiler stoves from HS Flamingo have many above-standard features. The primary benefit of these innovative features is that they simplify the operation of the stove. Only the finest materials are used in their production.

To ensure the safety of our customers, we have equipped these boiler stoves with a cooling loop. You can select from three types of regulation (manual, basic and automated).

An outside air inlet, secondary combustion and dual window air wash are features found on all of our stoves. AQUAFLAME boiler stoves meet the strictest European standards -  BImSchV – Stufe 2, DINplus,Flamme Verte.

Stove - Aquaflam 7

Nominal output: 7 kW
Output range: 3 - 10 kW
Output to water: 5 kW

Stove - Aquaflam 12

Nominal output: 12 kW
Output range: 8 - 16 kW
Output to water: 10 kW

Stove - Aquaflam 17

Nominal output: 17 kW
Output range: 13 - 21 kW
Output to water: 14 kW

Stove - Aquaflam 25

Nominal output: 25 kW
Output range: 21 - 30 kW
Output to water: 21 kW

Contact us

HS Flamingo s.r.o.
třída Osvobození 65
550 01 Broumov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 491 615 680

Why choose AQUAFLAM?

Our fireplace inserts and wood stoves come with many safety features.

You select the control type - manual, basic, automated.

Only the highest quality materials and technologies are used.

Made in Broumov, Czech Republic

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