Eko-Air-In System

This system provides a central air supply from the outside.

The entire combustion process is regulated using only a single rod. The Eko-Air-In system also prevents gasses from exploding by providing a continuous flow of fresh air. This innovative feature delivers high efficiency, up to a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and it is environmentally friendly. It produces a minimum amount of ash. The Eko-Air-In system is the result of many years of research and development by the engineers at HS Flamingo and has received acknowledgement from professionals and public alike. 

AQUAFLAM boiler stoves and fireplace inserts have three types of controls available for regulating the central air intake. Manual control is performed using a draw rod – this is a classic type of regulation. Another control option is the so-called basic control, which is battery-powered and allows for the continuous regulation of the damper based on a potentiometer setting. The third alternative is the luxury version which consists of a fully-automated damper that is regulated using a graphic wall-mounted control panel.