Safety and Overheating Protection

If temperature rises and there is a risk of overheating and the pressure in the heat exchanger rises rapidly. Measures must be taken to prevent damaging the boiler insert. These include: the installation of a safety valve, a cooling loop, a backup power source or draining the water from the boiler while supplying fresh water from the mains. If however, your water supply depends on electricity, we recommend the purchase of a backup power source (UPS).

Protection against a gas explosion

Even when the damper is in the closed position, the supply of tertiary air is not completely shut off. This means that even when it is completely closed, a certain amount of air flows into the combustion chamber. This safety feature protects the user against the danger of accumulated gases exploding.

Protection provided by electronic controls

The basic or automated controls provide a further level of protection by means of a heat sensor. This heat sensor is located inside the exchanger and in the event of overheating it will emit warning sounds. Furthermore, the damper will be closed, thus limiting the supply of combustion air to a minimum.

Protection provided by a thermostatic valve